Fuel Right enhances the heating oils by –

  • preventing sludge buildup
  • breaks down existing sludge
  • prevents corrosion of tanks and filter housings
  • protects against winter freeze-ups.
  • www.fuelright.com

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fuelrightHenderson Oil Company has been delivering premium heating oils (fuel oil and Kerosene) to residential homes in Henderson, Transylvania, and Polk counties for over 70 years! Fuel oil / Kerosene can be used not only in furnaces but also in hot water heaters. Heating oils can be stored in either above ground or below ground storage tanks. Henderson Oil Company sells tanks and fittings and can assist with installation.

All of our heating oils are treated with Fuel Right additive. Henderson Oil Company has an exclusive for this product in its service counties which means you won’t be able to get this level of premium heating oil from any other local supplier.todays

Henderson Oil Company also supplies gasoline, highway diesel and non-highway diesel to farmers, grading contractors, etc who use it to power farm, industrial, heavy equipment, and other vehicles.

Tank Charts

Need a gauge stick, fuel oil filter, water finding paste, storage tank, tank stand? Call us – Hendersonville (828-693-3487) or Brevard (828-884-4441)

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