1. Ultra clean, near zero emissions.
It’s true. Oilheat is a lot cleaner than it was 25 years ago. Today, high efficiency fuel oil appliances operate in the 85% range and new ultra-modern furnaces in the 95%
efficiency range are entering the market. Today’s Oilheat has reduced its oil burner emissions to near zero levels. All of this translates into a cleaner environment.

2. Air quality.
The Oilheat industry has continuously decreased the amount of sulfur in fuel oil leading to lower emissions. And our commitment to air quality is only getting stronger.

3. Tanks. No worries.
Today’s state-of-the-art tanks are composed of corrosion resistant steel, fibreglass and polyethelene. This means long life and real safety. In fact, today’s tanks are versatile with space-saving designs allowing them to be easily installed indoors and out.

4. More efficient than ever.
Thirty years ago, Oilheat furnaces burned approximately 1,301 gallons per year. Today that figure is around 800 gallons a year – an improvement and savings of almost 40%. And if the fuel burns cleaner, it increases efficiency and furnace life and saves you even more money.

5. Long term savings.
History tells us that, adjusted for inflation, the price of Oilheat hasn’t changed much since the 1950’s. Not many other energy sources can say that. In fact, the price of Oilheat is projected to rise at a lower rate than natural gas and electricity.

6. The “more-hot-water” heat.
Oilheat heats water up to twice as fast as typical natural gas and up to five times faster than electricity. How? Simply put, Oilheat’s flame is the hottest of all the energy sources. And with an Oilheat indirect-fired water heater, you’ll get virtually free hot water in the fall, winter and spring when your heating boiler is turned on.

7. Modern solutions for bigger savings.
Improving your furnace’s efficiency is easy and cost effective. With proper equipment maintenance and upgrades, you can improve your furnace’s efficiency ensuring your home heating needs are met. Talk to your local Oilheat professional, they’ll fill you in on all the ways you can save.

8. Beautifully Safe.
Oilheat is non-explosive. If exposed to a lit match the oil will not ignite.

9. The comfortable heat.
Oilheat is the most comfortable heat. It burns hot, so you get heat fast to make you comfortable quickly. For every litre of oil burned, Oilheat gives you 37,000 BTUs. That’s comparatively better than natural gas, electricity, propane and every other kind of home heat when measured in standard units. Plus, Oilheat systems let you add a wide range of options such as central A/C, thermopump, humidifier and electric filter.

10. You’ve got a friend.
Oilheat professionals are plentiful and always nearby. They’re your neighbours with deep roots in the community. Want proof? One study saw Oilheat customers give a 94% rating for friendly and fast service. And with services like Automatic Delivery, you can be assured of having a ready supply.

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