Our quick and knowledgeable dispatch department allows for efficient deliveries for all of our products and services. Trucks can either be dispatched from our plant or radioed in route to allow for quicker deliveries.

Keep-Fill Customers – These customers are set up in our system to be automatically filled according to your usage. You no longer have to call for your any of your deliveries, just let us set you up on our Keep-Fill system and forget about keeping track of your fuel. Twenty-four hour emergency service is provided at no additional charge in the unlikely event that situations beyond our control result in a fuel outage. Automatic service is contingent on prompt payments. Past due balances could result in a service interruption.

Call-In Customers – These customers keep track of their own fuel supply and simply call our office for any additional deliveries. Once delivered, the charges can then be charged to your account and paid by any of our friendly payment options.

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