Payment Options

Our bills may be paid by mail or in person at our Hendersonville (828-693-3487) or Brevard (828-884-4441) offices. Please remember to send your remittance with your account number on your check when you are paying by mail so that the payment can be properly applied. Also please do not send cash in the mail.
Deliveries may also be paid for on the Cash On Delivery (COD) basis. Simply make our dispatchers aware prior to the delivery to accommodate this need.
Payments may also be made by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Debit Card.

If you elect to pay with cash or check within 5 business days we offer a discount of .04 off per gallon.

Returned Checks by a bank will lead to a $25.00 fee assessed to your account.

Payment Programs

Budget – Our Budget Plan allows our customers to ease their heating bill burden by making a set monthly budget payment. This program allows you to separate your cost into 10 equal payments for 10 months. The last two months of the year are then used to either settle additional balances or build a credit towards your next purchase. If you have a balance, you will receive a statement at your billing address reflecting the remaining amount due. If you have paid more than your total deliveries we will credit your account for the amount that has been overpaid. This program starts in June and you may sign-up April 1st thru May 31st. Some restrictions may apply.

Fuel Assistance – The Fuel Assistance Program is a Federal Program that allows low-income families to cope with their heating costs by allotting them funds. This program can be applied to Fuel Oil or Kerosene. In order to receive this help, one must apply for the assistance at your local Department of Social Services.